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Become a Transformer.

Transformers are sons and daughters of God who commit to seeing their world transformed by:

  • putting God first in all things;

  • encouraging one another; 

  • taking every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus.

Transformers will:

  • receive a monthly letter of encouragement from Tommy Stewart, the founder of Transform the World;

  • have access to free resources to help them transform their world for Jesus;

  • benefit from one to one and group support from other 'transformers' in their area.

Transformers are committed to helping encourage, equip and empower brothers and sisters across the world through a donation of £20 (or more) per month.
Become a ‘Transformer’ today!

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Thanks to a kind donor, all money donated by ‘Transformers’ will be doubled, enabling us to mentor, train and support Christians leading life transforming projects in many of the most deprived nations of the world.

Transforming the world, one life at a time.

Young African Entrepreneurs

We are delighted that Kezy Mukiri is our lead partner for Africa and that we able to advise and encourage her in the multiple initiatives that she leads in Kenya, and across sub Saharan Africa.

One of the initiatives we are excited to be able to encourage is the Africa Kid Entrepreneurs Academy.

Kezy says:

"Teaching our kids entrepreneurship equips them with critical life skills like creativity, resilience, and problem-solving. It fosters independence, financial literacy, and an innovative mindset that prepares them for a rapidly changing world. Let's empower the next generation to be leaders and change makers!"


Supporting a charity rebuilding homes destroyed by persecution

Through God's leading we have been able to partner with Kimmi Swaroop, who has initiatives operating across South Asia.

One such project we have been pleased to advise in regard to, and help raise finances for, has been the rebuilding of the homes of Christians that were destroyed as a result of persecution.

In 2024 the homes of 7 Christian families in a village in NE India were burnt down following targeted arson attacks. The families returned home from their Bible study group to find their lives up in flames. We were delighted to join with others to advise and help raising the funds to rebuilt all 7 homes.


Below, Kimmi, is pictured on site, visiting the building project and meeting with the families who were made homeless.


The Man Saving Children

Across the world we are delighted to be able to mentor young leaders doing incredible or in really difficult circumstances. One such young man is Denis, from Uganda. Denis is pictured with Transform The World mentor, Anne Donaldson. He runs an orphanage and school and receives ongoing support from our team.


We are delighted to encourage, support and partner with leaders who are making a transformational difference in lives and communities in areas of great need.

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