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10 Things the Easter Story teaches us about Life and Leadership

Each year at Easter, I spend time reflecting on the greatest story of all; the account of the events leading up to, and including, the trial, death and resurrection of Jesus.

I am eternally thankful for the sacrifice that Jesus paid for each of us and for the God’s great plan of salvation which means you and I can live lives that have been made righteousness through Jesus laying down his life for ours.

As we have been approaching the Easter season I have been thinking about life and leadership lessons we can take with us from the Easter story into our everyday lives.

I trust and pray that the ten thoughts I have been reflecting on are helpful to you as you seek to live and lead with Jesus.

  1. People won’t always understand you when you follow the voice of the Father.

  2. People’s expectations of how God will do something seldom line up with how God actually does it.

  3. People may applaud you one day and mock you the next, but God’s love for you never changes.

  4. Religious people are often blinded to who Jesus truly is.

  5. God can use even those who oppose you to bring about His purposes for your life.

  6. The opposition we face may appear to be physical or emotional but, in reality, it’s spiritual.

  7. Sadly, some leaders will choose to do anything for a quiet life rather than do what is right.

  8. Every trial or persecution we face God can use for His glory.

  9. What looks like the end is not always the end.

  10. God will always cause those who trust in Him to rise up in victory.

May God bless you as you continue to live and lead in the power of the resurrected Jesus!

Your friend,

Tommy Stewart

Founder of Christians Who Lead


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