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It’s Time To Swim in Deeper Waters

This morning as I sat in the stillness of a mild, summer morning I sensed God say: It’s time to swim in deeper waters!

I believe this word is personal to me but may well be applicable to many of others.

  1. We have paddled in shallow waters for too long.

Many of us have only been paddling on the edge of all that He has for us. However, there is so much more that He wants to launch us into.

The time for paddling in often, murky shallow waters is over.

  1. We have been afraid of deep waters for too long.

Our fear of going deeper is not based on truth but based on a lie. Which has been perpetrated by the enemy. He has been ok with us dipping our toe into the things of God. But as long as we didn’t push out in the deep.

  1. We have listened to the wrong voices for too long.

The enemy and sadly, other Christians have spoken words over us that have caused us to hold back from going deeper.

No longer!

It’s time to listen to voices of faith that encourage us to immerse fully in all that God has for us.

Finally, I sensed God say again: It’s time to swim in deeper waters!

Written by Tommy Stewart

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