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Leaders Face Hard Times

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Many reading this article will either being going through hard times or have experienced hard times in their lives. Some will be able to testify of how God has brought them through those times, others will be struggling to find a way out and a few will be at the point of despair, feeling like there is no way through.

Whatever position you find yourself in right now, the mindset of the leader is often to suffer in silence, keeping a stiff upper lip, being stoic even when all around you seems to be falling apart. I know, I’ve been there. In 2014, after ignoring stress and pressure for too long, I was told by my doctor that I had a month to avoid a breakdown and that during that month I could have a heart attack and a stroke. That is a day I will never forget. I had too change, but to do so I had to admit to others that

I was not okay.

Today God wants you to know that He knows and it’s okay to not be okay. In God’s presence you can be honest, you can be vulnerable, you can let down that strong faced exterior we have learned to portray. Not even the greatest of leaders go through life without facing hard times. We are all human, we all have limits, we all need God’s supernatural strength.

In the midst of hard times we need to have soft hearts. Often, I have witnessed leaders become hard hearted as a result of going through unrelenting hard times. The enemy wants us to give up on God as he knows that’s where our strength and joy come from. He already knows the struggles you face. He wants to help. He wants to hear from you.

This morning my attention was drawn to small flowers flourishing amongst the grass that was growing out from hard coastal rocks that surround the small beach inlets on the beautiful Causeway Coast. Despite the harsh surroundings, the strong winds and the relentless beating of the waves the flowers were flourishing. God would remind us that even in the midst of hard circumstances God had made a way for something beautiful to grow.

Today you may be facing hard times that threaten to destroy the foundation upon which you have built your life, your family and your career. It may seem like you have no where to turn. It may seem like you fear being honest about the struggles you face because you fear shame and the judgement of others. Ion the midst of the rage of emotions and thoughts swirling around in your head right now I would say … BUT GOD.

The coastal plant blowing in the sunshine reminds us that God can cause new life to grow even in times and places when we least expect it. Despite the ferocious wind, waves and cold of winter and the hard, rocky culture God had made a way for a seed to take root, be watered and nurtured and grow into something of great beauty.

Many of us have faced a season where the winds blowing against us have been ferocious, where the waves crashing in us have almost caused us to drown and where the cold wind of opposition has almost caused us to freeze. The culture around has been rocky, the going has been tough but yet in the midst of all these things God has been quietly at work. He is causing seeds to take root, grow and flourish in your life, family, work and ministry.

Keep your eyes firmly focused on God. He is with you, even in the hard times.

Tommy Stewart Christians Who Lead

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