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Investing in the Future.

Thank you for enabling us to fulfil the mission of Transform The World.


Your monthly or one off gift will enable us to encourage, equip and empower Christians leading in workplaces, communities and churches globally to live and lead, with confidence, as they seek to bring Kingdom transformation to their world. 

Your decision to donate to Transform The World is a commitment to positive change.

Be a Monthly Partner

By becoming a monthly donor, you play a crucial role in ensuring ongoing support for our projects. Monthly donations provide stability, allowing us to plan and implement long-term solutions to global challenges. Join our community of monthly partners committed to creating a lasting impact.

Become a Transformer

Transformers are committed to helping encourage, equip and empower brothers and sisters across the world through a donation of £20 per month.

Give a one-off donation

Your one-off donation can be a catalyst for transformational change. Join hands with us in supporting Christian leaders through your generous gift.

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