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Our Story

Since 2018, God has graciously enabled Tommy and a team of volunteers to encourage, equip and empower thousands of leaders, in over 30 nations. However, a ‘holy discontentment’ arose in Tommy’s heart with a sense that God was desiring to see believers supported in every nation of the world, so that kingdom transformation accelerate in these last days.


During the season of discernment (Spring/Summer 2023), Tommy heard God repeatedly say that He had not been called to implement the vision, but to share the  vision so that others could run with it. It was clear that God was re-iterating to Tommy what He has told countless people since the days of Habakkuk; 


‘write the vision, make it plain’.


This led to a change of posture; no longer would Tommy seek to implement the vision through the efforts of a locally based team, but Tommy would share widely the  vision of ‘Transform the World’ and allow God to bring together a team of global, strategic and local leaders who would implement the vision, as God leads, within their cultural context.

Our Team

Tommy Stewart

Founder & Director

Tommy has been active in workplace, community and church leadership for over 35 years. As well as founding Transform The World he is board member or advisor to a number of global ministries and businesses.

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Brian Armstrong

Senior Leader

Brian has enjoyed a successful career in science and finance as well as providing leadership support and consultancy services to businesses and ministries in the UK, Europe and Africa. He has been an advisor and friend to the ministry since its formation.

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Beverley Bedford

Leader of 'Arise'

Beverley has been involved in business, ministry and church leadership for over 30 years. After spending many years working with 'Counties', equipping ministry leaders, Beverley is now developing ‘Arise’, a teaching ministry that seeks to call leaders and emerging leaders to arise to their full God given potential.

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Kezy Mukiri

Africa Regional Leader

Kezy is a Kenya based lawyer, international trade conference organiser, coach and leader of Kid Entrepreneur Africa. She is dedicated to seeing the values of the Kingdom of God at work in government, the marketplace, the community and the church. 

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Komal Swaroop (Kimmi) 

South Asia Regional Leader

Kimmi is a businessman and leader of a humanitarian charity. He has worked with businesses and organisations in Asia, the UK and the US and is committed to seeing transformation come to lives, families and communities across South Asia.

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Initial Development of Transform the World

To grow and development a global movement requires much wisdom from God. As a result, carving out time to pray and listen to the voice of God has been of utmost importance as we seek to advance the vision God has given.


The result has been that God has led us to create a global movement that can impact in lives, communities and nations across the world.

We cannot yet perceive fully how God will cause the vision He has given to be fulfilled but, to date, God has led us to:

Develop a Global Leadership Forum

The Global Leadership Forum is comprised of Christian leaders from across the globe, all of whom have experience of leading kingdom centred businesses, organisations or ministries that have had long term impact in multiple nations.


The Global Leaders Forum are committed to meeting 6 times a year to help develop a strategic and collaborative approach to implement the vision of ‘Transform the World’.

Us in Numbers


Clients’ Income during the Last Quarter


Industry Awards


Business Partners in over 30 Countries


Years of Experience

Develop Regional  Forums

Regional Leadership Forums can be developed, through the collaboration of the members of the Global Leadership Forum, bringing together Christians who lead businesses, organisations or ministries that have had significant impact in their nation and beyond e.g:

  • TTW Africa Leadership Forum

  • TTW South Asia Leadership Forum

  • TTW North America Leadership Forum

Develop National  Forums

National Leadership Forums can be developed in nations, as a result of the collaboration of regional or global leadership forum members. They will provide a forum for collaboration between Christians who lead businesses, organisations and ministries that are committed to seeing their nation transformed for Jesus. Localised forums may be developed, if that is how God leads National Leadership Forums.

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