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'Transform' is a new resource from Transform the World' that seeks to help churches to raise up leaders who help transform workplaces and communities, by living and leading with Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit.
About Transform
Transform is a two part resource, teaching and coaching, that has been developed to enable local churches develop leaders who live 'on mission' Monday through Saturday and then gather together as 'the church' on Sunday, for worship, teaching, and to celebrate all that God is doing in their community. 

Growing in Identity in Christ

Through understanding how we have been formed, transformed and empowered. 

Growing in Inspiration & Wisdom

Through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Growing in Workplace & Community Impact

Through living and leading with Jesus.

Growing in Higher Levels of Influence

So we can bring the influence of the Kingdom of God to every sphere of society. 

Transform Teaching

Transform Teaching is delivered in person, usually over the course of a weekend, in the local church.  Each participant receives an accompanying book and a 'Transform' workbook.  


Transform Coaching

Those who complete 'Transform Teaching' can then opt for follow up, online coaching from 'Transform' approved coaches. Transform coaching support is devised, in a bespoke manner, in partnership with the local church leadership.  


Coming Soon

In addition to Transform Teaching and Transform Coaching, a small group study guide will be available soon, enabling members of the local church to come together and consider how they can live on mission in their workplace and community.  


To explore how your church can benefit from Transform teaching, coaching and our other resources please complete the expression of interest form.

Interest in TRANSFORM

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