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5 Keys to guide you into this next season

An article by our good friend, Dr Steve Brown.

Here are five keys to guide you into this next season:

1. Make Much of Jesus – In the midst of the pressure and practice of leadership, don’t miss, become complacent about or water down Jesus. You and I desperately need Jesus every moment of every day. Our world desperately needs Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Whatever you do, and in all you do, make much of Jesus.

2. Turn Up the Temperature on Prayer –Inspiring vision, strategic plans, giftedness and experience are all helpful, but they don’t have the power to stir revival or spiritual awakening in our world. We need to see a special move of God. This requires a “shameless audacity” in prayer (Luke 11:8).

  1. What rhythms do you need to be intentionally listening, connecting and interceding in prayer?

  2. Who will be praying for you, your team and the ministry? How will you share prayer needs?

3. Take Care of You – You have accepted a calling that can be lonely, tiring and discouraging. To paraphrase the next pre-flight announcement you hear: In order to be able to help others, you need to first put on your own oxygen mask.

  1. What rhythms do you need to prioritize for your spiritual, mental/emotional and physical health?

  2. As you look ahead to Christmas, where should you proactively schedule a long weekend, retreat day or vacation? Book it now!

  3. Who do you need around you for support?

4. Develop Others – Rather than trying in vain to do everything yourself, seek to multiply impact by intentionally developing others.

  1. What are the ten spiritual/leadership nuggets you need to share with your board or team this ministry year? Schedule one per month now.

  2. What are the three most strategic developmental conversations you need to have this year?

5. Plan Now to Reassess in November – I am sorry to say it, but there will very likely be more twists, turns and surprises in the next few months. Go forward now with the assumption that your fall plan will likely need to be modified or even rewritten. Prepare your team now to take some time in late October/early November to prayerfully reassess and respond with agility.

Here’s my prayer for you as we approach this new season:

“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love”          (1 Corinthians 16:13, 14).

Cheering you on to live and Lead Different!

Dr Steve A. Brown President, Arrow Leadership

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