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Out of Africa

Recently, I have been blessed to visit Kenya, where I spoke 7 times and visited numerous church and ministry projects as well as spending time meeting with Christian business leaders and entrepreneurs and participating in 3 days of meetings with colleagues from across the globe, who are part of the World Leadership Team or board of Youth for Christ International.

During the trip I have been noting down some life and leadership lessons that I have been referring to as ‘Out of Africa’.

I trust you find them helpful:

  1. You are unlikely to achieve much while you sit in your comfort zone.

  2. Miracles can happen every day, if we are prepared to trust God.

  3. Faithfulness, over the long term, leads to fruitfulness.

  4. What God wants to do through you is so much bigger than you thought.

  5. God opens up the stage to those who desire Him, not those who desire the stage.

  6. When you see real poverty, you realise how rich you truly are.

  7. Even the greatest needs can be met by our great God.

  8. All over the world God is moving in ways that we may not understand, but be assured God is moving.

  9. To our great cost, we have undervalued the power of prayer.

  10. We need to see clearly what the enemy is seeking to do, take authority over it and leave no foothold for the enemy.

  11. It’s time to remove the limitations our minds have put on who we can become through Christ Jesus.

  12. The roles that God opens up to us can only be fulfilled through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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